About Us

Jason Kessler

I am here to empower those that what to be empowered. It is my core belief that everyone has the right to be inspired and fulfilled by what they do in life.

As a long time technology consultant, I saw and worked with many companies with dysfunctional teams or disempowered and uninspired employees. It sadden me every time someone would describe themselves as being powerless in making a difference in their company or work environment.

It was working with these companies that had me shifted my focus away from IT and and focus on team dynamics and what could be done to support them in their journey to becoming high performing, inspired and fulfilled.

My intention give you an alternative more productive way to approach your team, and take action on having that team produce higher results. It is also my goal that we ALL take ownership of our careers and learn our true value in the market place.

Yours in flow,

Jason Kessler


Our Name

You may be wondering where we got our name. Well, I am an avid SCUBA diver and I love the ocean. Whether I'm under or above, being around water is one of the few places where I feel grounded and at peace.

Our name comes from an old nautical term. A "FATHOM" is a measurement of 6 feet. Most commonly it is 6 feet below water. Ten Fathoms is 60 feet which is the minimum depth you have to go to get your Advanced Open Water certification.

There is another definition for fathom. It is an understanding with much though. Most of us know this by "unfathomable", where we couldn't comprehend something no matter how much thought we put in to it.

It is in both of these definitions that the company name came to be found. Sometimes, you have to dive deep in to a problem to find the solution, and sometimes, you have to step back and put some thought in to the problem to get it solved. Most of the time you have to do both.

Ten Fathoms is here to support you in solving your big, hairy, audacious goals.