Career Management 101 Workshop

Most of us have heard that our career is our responsibility. Which means, it is up to us to manage and control our career’s progress and trajectory.

The problem is, few of us have ever been taught what "owning our career" really means. Instead, it has been left up to interpretation, and trial and error leaving us stressed out, frustrated, overwhelmed, and in jobs we dislike not knowing what actions to take next.

What if the solution is just a paradigm shift?

I believe I have found that shift. The shift that unlocks the secrets of moving our career forward faster than we ever thought possible. Ultimately, allowing us to create the lifestyle we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

If this interests you, join me for a 2 hour workshop on Wednesday, July 17th at 7pm.

We'll begin exploring the core foundational knowledge we all need to take control and move our careers forward. The evening will include several profound exercises and setting out a processes that will have you start to rethink your situation, and ave you take the next steps in owning your career.

Price = $0.00


Galleria Towers, Tower 2

13455 Noel Rd

20th Floor

Dallas TX 75209

Space is limited, please RSVP to reserve your seat today!